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The Rio Deal Inc


It's a pretty cool story

Master planner. Smarty pants. A chronic creative.

I grew up surrounded by entrepreneurs. Born and raised on the ranchlands of Southern Alberta, I was no stranger to hard work. But, with my sister and two cousins we made the world our playground.


The only difference? I had a knack for turning that play into profit.


Selling our painted rock creations for cash. Charging admission to enter our tree forts. We were sharks!

The path was clear; I needed to work in business. I was going to shake the world of finance! Or so I thought. In my last year of university, I took a risk and applied for only one internship. Well, that internship turned into six years of leading communications projects for a multinational, multibillion-dollar company.


But, I was stuck creatively (and in endless meetings!) There were so many things to learn and try and I needed the right environment to put it all into practice.


Since 2017,  I've been helping business owners and entrepreneurs answer the biggest question on their minds, "what do I say online?" 


And trust me, no matter what industry or how boring you think a topic is, there's always a creative way to reach your audiences. 

If you're stuck with your digital marketing or even just want to brainstorm, give me a shout! And you can see what the Rio Deal is all about.

Who Am I

What can I help you with?

Let's create a digital markeing strategy.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Are you asking the following questions?


  • How often should I post on my channels?

  • I'm not sure who my audiences are?

  • How do I know if my social media efforts and website are working?


Sounds like you could use a fresh look at your marketing efforts and lucky for you, I LOVE strategizing. 

What I Do

Content Marketing &  Social Advertising

Content is King. No, wait, it's Queen? Doesn't matter. Content is IMPORTANT! And, it takes a solid plan and time to get it right. 


But who has the time? I do!


I'll take a deep look at your web and social analytics, figure out who you should be talking to, plan a great content calendar, and take care of all the posting and engagement.


And it wouldn't be The Rio Deal® without a full report to make sure we are reaching our goals.

But that's not all!

A creative and disciplined approach

I'm interested in both the possibilities beyond what is already obvious and in the ways that these possibilities can help others. I try to fit all the pieces of the jigsaw together into a complete picture but, my jigsaw keeps expanding with every new piece I find!

A creative an disciplied approach to digital marketing.

“Rio is creative, great at brainstorming, an out-of-the-box problem solver and her knowledge and ability is vast and never-ending.”

Holly m.
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