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A Necessary Break

It wouldn’t surprise many people that after my last blog post, I’ve been procrastinating again. But, I have fantastic excuses this time.

December was busy. It was my third busiest month in terms of hours tracked in 2019. All those hours were tracked while I was sick. And, it wasn’t just your casual cold. It was one of those taking-more-than-the-recommended-amount-of-cough-syrup-in-a-day-because-you-can’t-breath colds. Half a bottle of NyQuil at once probably wasn’t the most healthy decisions I made.

But did that stop me from working? No. Should it have? Absolutely.

Without the true rest I needed, it took nearly four weeks for me to finally kick the cough and breath with my mouth closed.

I’d like to say this is the first time that I continued to work while being sick, but I’d be lying. But, no amount of self care advice could stop me from getting work done. Remember when I said taking advice was hard?

However, luck was on my side. The holidays fell right in the middle of my cold and I did something for the first time in my business; I took a break.

I let me creative freak flag fly. After binge watching Witcher (Henry Cavill = spear to my heart), I organized my hard drives, I played on Pinterest, scrapbooked, made some jewelry, redid the layout in my office, and read A LOT of cheesy romance novels. And I have to tell you, it was fantastic.


(could not help myself here...)

Since many of my clients were away for the holidays, I revelled in my time. The downtime not only helped me kick this cold, but it also opened the energy gateway for planning my 2020 and setting concrete goals.

I’ll share more about my 2020 planning later, but this is the first time that I feel energized, excited, and ecstatic about a new year. I was once of the group of people who said, “January 1? It’s just another day.” But, this year, it wasn’t just another day—it was the start of something seriously awesome.

I know this energy came from taking a necessary break and allowing my brain to flip to something other than work. There, I did follow the advice of taking a break.

I know it’s only a week into 2020, but I’m still feeling jazzed about what I have planned. I can’t wait to share what’s coming up for 2020 but sneak peak: The Rio Deal is going to get some serious focus.


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