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Creating a Content Calendar: Who Are You?

Did you ever think that the next step of creating a content calendar would lead you down the rabbit hole into Wonderland?

@lifewithabunny via Twenty20

I listened to a podcast about the creator of Alice in Wonderland (really quite strange to be honest) but it turned me onto an idea; there are many parallels between Alice in Wonderland and creating a content calendar.

Like Alice, we’re all following the White Rabbit into the land of digital marketing. After falling through echo chambers and squeezing into profile pictures, we come face to face with the caterpillar who asks the question, “who are you?”

Figuring Out Your Values

Yes, we are still talking about content calendars. If posting content has you feeling like you’re at the Mad Hatter’s reception, then it’s probably because you haven’t determined your values. Without having an idea of what your values are, then you’ll feel like your floating without any sense of direction.

I’m not asking you to dig deep into your soul here (unless that’s where you need to travel.) But, most people I work with are surprised by how easy this exercise is.

Here are a few questions I want you to ask yourself. You can pick and choose the questions that relate most to you. Also, you don’t need to validate your answers so you only need to answer in a few words.

What do you emphasize most when speaking with clients, business partners, customers?

  • What are things you’re unwilling to compromise on?

  • What words would current clients or friends use to describe you?

  • What bothers you about marketing in your industry?

  • What do you think makes you different from your competitors?

  • Why do you do what you do?

  • How do you like to enjoy life? (Trust me, this is an important one)

So how does this actually work? Let’s break down a couple of examples.

What do you emphasize most when speaking with clients, business partners, customers?

This question is powerful because it works in two ways. First, it helps you focus your message and second, it helps clients/customers understand what you’re all about.

I’ll use myself as an example (taking my own advice and all). When I work with new clients, I emphasize a couple of things:

  1. There’s always a unique approach to an old problem.

  2. Do what works for you.

  3. Do what you can maintain.

Because I emphasize these topics, I’ve developed a reputation for creating unique, creative solutions that fit each client.

Everyone will answer this question differently. I have a mortgage broker that emphasizes affordability. I have a dentist that emphasizes dental treatment over insurance coverage. Because we emphasize these topics in our content, our clients know what we’re all about.

What bothers you about marketing in your industry?

I picked this one on purpose because the list of what people hate about marketing doesn’t seem to end. I like to use this question as a way to understand what to do and what not to do for each client.

If someone really hates Twitter, then we’re not going to spend time there. If clients hate getting too frequent emails, let’s work that into our marketing plan. Instead of emails each month, then let’s do every quarter. Don’t like being on camera? Let’s do audio.

There are so many ways we can make marketing comfortable and successful. Look at what you don’t like and we’ll plan for the opposite.

How do you like to enjoy life?

I always laugh when I hear the answer to this question.

“Oh, I live a pretty boring life.”

Trust me, everyone has an interesting life. This is the ‘flavour’ question. We start to uncover who you are and how you live your life. Why is it important? Because people work with you, not with the product or service that you offer.

Example time again using yours truly. Being creative is a huge value for me. I have endless ideas that manifest in DIY projects, videos, and exciting conversations. But, how does this help create a content calendar?

I’ve started to show off my creative skills with my writing exercises on Instagram and even using TikTok to show off some DIY projects. These videos show my followers and potential clients who I am and they will hopefully be drawn to watch more.

So what about you? Remember, we’re uncovering your values through how you enjoy life. Look at examples of the people you follow and like on social media. I bet you can identify a few of their values right away.

Walk Your Talk

One of the biggest frustrations I have in life is when I come across a business/person that says all the right things online, but the experience in-person is the exact opposite.

For example, a company tells you they value their people until you start working with them and you find out all their employees are overworked and underpaid. Maybe you bought something from a company that preached the highest quality and it breaks within five minutes and the company refuses a refund.

They aren’t walking their talk.

This value-finding exercise isn’t about finding the values you think your clients will like most; it’s about finding what’s important to you. When you display these values consistently and honestly, both in-person and online, you’ll develop trust with your audience which is the strongest currency you could ever have.

Finding Your Way Through Digital Wonderland

Luckily, finding your way through digital marketing isn’t as challenging as Alice’s journey through Wonderland, although I can’t promise that you won’t come across some strange characters along the way.

Finding your values isn’t an easy exercise and I’ve definitely had help along the way. But, with the compass in front of me, I can better decide what direction I want to take. Thankfully, no White Rabbit required.



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