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Making a Comeback

I’m back baby! One day I will find a better way to say, “time flies.” But, that’s a goal for a different day.

I’ve been on hiatus from writing as the business has taken off, and while it’s exciting, it’s taken my attention away from the Rio DealⓇ. As with many business owners, you tend to focus more on the work at hand rather than working on the business. Guilty!

But it’s time to renew that focus because, after just over a year since asking the big questions of what I want to be doing, things are getting a little clearer...maybe.

Let’s Go Back to the Beginning

I started blogging because I wanted to document a journey to uncover a direction, purpose, passion...whatever you want to call it. I was, and still am, frustrated at our society’s perception of finding purpose. It’s either you have it and are killing it at life, or you don’t have it and are sucking at life.

Where’s the in-between?

That’s how so many “influencers” have grown their fame. They are selling the idea that they will help you, if not tell you directly, what your purpose is.

Nothing is Coincidence

Like all good stories, I’m going on a tangent. I promise it will all make sense.

A few years ago, I completed my Usui Reiki Certification and redid the class again this summer. If you’re not familiar with Reiki, it’s a form of energy healing. I like to think of it as tuning into a radio station. Maybe a bad example for today’s world but, I’m going with it.

When you’re perfectly tuned into the station, the music plays clearly and uninterrupted. When you’re just outside of the frequency, the sound is static, less clear. Reiki is a tool to help tune your internal radio station to your clear, resonate sound.

What I’ve learned through Reiki is that because everything is made up of this vibrational energy, nothing is a coincidence. Now, what does this have to do with anything?

Enter Corona and Counselling

As much as I don’t want to mention Covid, I have to. We’re living in history right now...and frankly, it’s exhausting. A YEAR! A year ago today was when we all went into full lockdown.

The workload increased for me and my personal life was...stressful. Finances, family, you name it. It was like the external world and internal chaos all exploded at once. And my initial exploration of a career journey went into something much, much deeper.

I’ve been pretty quiet online for a few months because I’ve been doing a lot of work on myself with a therapist. I’m not shy about it. This person has helped me uncover so much about myself including why it feels so hard to answer that question, “what is your purpose?”

Again, nothing is a coincidence.

While it’s a little late, I also turned 30 in November! Now, I know this sounds super cheesy, but I have a list of things I want to do and new patterns that I want to introduce in my life; it’s called my Thirty for 30. *grates with cheesiness*

This list includes things like “You like writing. Do more of it,” and “Get a tattoo,” (obviously, very important). But my top thing is to “Discover and use my voice.”

And that’s how we bring this all back together.

I started the Rio Deal because I have a bone to pick with the world, and that’s still there. But, it opened a whole other door—an incredibly uncomfortable yet necessary door—into healing and better aligning myself to what I want in life. And, I’m going to use my voice to do just that.


I recently purchased a new podcast microphone for my computer with the tagline, “fall in love with your voice.” Again, nothing is a coincidence.


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