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Getting the Boulder Moving

Rio Pisony standing against brick wall.

While on yet another webinar yesterday, the presenter caught my attention when he made a reference to Newton's First Law of Motion. It was a weird reference on a copywriting workshop so you can understand why it captured my attention.

Flashback to high school physics. Newton's first law describes inertia: an object in motion tends to stay in motion and an object at rest tends to stay at rest unless acted upon by a net external force.

But what the presenter pointed out was that getting something in motion requires a significant amount of energy. Like moving a boulder. It takes a significant amount of force to get it rolling but once it's a rolling bullet.

For a few weeks (ok, months) I've experienced my own inertia when it comes to The Rio Deal. Like Donkey above, I've been looking at my to-do to write a post and went, "I like that idea. That's a great idea."

I wish I could blame the world-stopping Covid-19, but that excuse only lasted the first few weeks of lockdown. Client communications were the priority. They always are but I was operating under crisis mode. It was during that initial month that I was truly grateful for all the training and experience I had doing crisis communications in my previous job!

However, I hit a mega wall, not a regular wall, a mega wall after four weeks of operating both regular and crisis communications. Add the emotions of having the freedom go out and about taken away and it's a recipe for a 'Rio' foul mood.

So, what got me back at it?

No, it was not the riveting copywriting webinar (although there were some great tips I took away.) Breaking a few rules, I've been heading out of the city to spend weekends at my childhood home, which we call The Ranch. It has no internet, barely good cell service, and most importantly, no people.

Before you raise your pitchforks and call me a monster, hear me out. I make one stop only; for gas as I leave the city. I don't see other people and I don't go to town when I'm at the Ranch. And, it is glorious!

It's my reset space. I always come back to the city with renewed energy and excitement for work. And one of those new exciting things has been bringing someone onto the RP Digital team!

While he's only temporary for the summer, it's been fantastic having help and another creative brain to lean on when mine is exhausted. After two years of being by myself (as of March!), it's a cool feeling to have someone join me, learning my processes, techniques, and in any good job, maybe picking up some cynicisms along the way. Once we start to get into a work rhythm, we are going to be doing some pretty cool stuff that we'll hopefully be able to share.

I wish I had an epiphanic ending for all that I've learned over the last few months but, I feel that it has yet to come. I know many people have a hate-on for 2020 right now, but I feel like I'm just getting started.


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