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Oh No. Why Did I Start a Blog?

"Now, I have to keep writing."

That was my reaction after pressing the publish button on my first post. Of course, I knew I had to keep writing, but I wasn’t prepared for the reality of my public debut.

Selfie of Rio Pisony with speech bubble asking "why did I do this?"

Starting this blogging adventure was triggered by another blogging adventure I had forgotten about. A few weeks ago, I was organizing files when I uncovered one of my first writing projects, Chile: An Experience Abroad.

I was in my final semester of university, living in Chile, South America and I wanted to share my experience with my family and friends in may have been a course requirement, but I like the positive sentiment.

I spent my evening smiling and giggling as I relived my memories I had neglected to remember: my 15 minutes of fame on the Chilean news, viewing an entirely different sky, and celebrating Canada Day at 15,000 ft. Although, I am happy to forget about certain fashion and spelling choices I made in 2013.

Rio Pisony standing with two people.

If you took a few minutes to enjoy my exciting life in Chile, you’ll know that I took the blog beyond a course requirement. I was insightful, creative, and damn funny—at least, I thought I was.

Remembering the fun I had documenting the fun I was having, I knew that blogging was the right way to share my current experience. However, I may not have as many crazy outdoor adventures in this blog.

But, it seems to be an adventure that people want to join with me. It feels amazing to know you’re on the right track, so thank you to everyone who has shared encouragement and feedback.

In the next few weeks, I’m going to be working on my core values. And, as a huge personal step, I’ve enlisted the help of a coach. ** gasp ** Until then, I leave you with a healthy dose of beautiful scenery, great music, and fantastic dance moves.


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